Past Auctions

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Date Site Sale Closed At Location
IRLX Sheep and Lamb Sale 15:00 IRLX Watch
28/4/2020| SCONE PRIME SALE | 7.30am 14:30 Scone nsw Results
TRLX Sheep Sale 14:30 TRLX Watch
CTLX Weekly Sheep Sale 11:00 CTLX Watch
21/04/2020 | GRLE CATTLE | PRIME SALE 13:00 GRLE Sale, VIC Watch
TRLX Sheep Sale 15:00 TRLX Watch
CTLX Sheep Sale 12:00 Carcoar, NSW Watch
14/4/2020 | SCONE PRIME SALE | 7.30am 16:00 Scone NSW Results
IRLX Sheep and Lamb 15:00 IRLX Watch
14/04/2020/GRLE CATTLE/PRIME SALE 12:00 SALE Watch