StockLive is an innovative online auction platform, providing services to the Australian agriculture industry. We are working closely with our software programmers to provide the most advanced, and easy to use, interactive online auction experience for the Australian livestock and related industries.

At StockLive, we aim to break down the physical and geographical barriers that have limited the agricultural industry in the past. We believe that all vendors should have the opportunity to sell their stock/produce to the broader national agricultural community, and that all buyers should have access to view and purchase stock/produce, irrespective of their geographical location, thereby enabling better matching of buyers and vendors.

At StockLive, we aim to bring saleyard auctions into the 21st Century, by providing online livestream and bidding services to saleyards across the nation, thereby providing greater market competition and prices to the agriculture industry. StockLive is currently providing livestreaming and online data services to the major Regional Livestock Exchanges (RLX). We will soon be expanding the scope of these services to include online interactive bidding on all sales.

StockLive can also provide livestream and online bidding services to Vendors and Agents for stud and commercial auctions held on property, anywhere in Australia. StockLive currently provides technology services to Elite Livestock Auctions, an online auction service provider focused on the Australian stud cattle sector.

We are excited to be able to improve the trading experience for our Partners in the agriculture industry.

For more information on what StockLive can do for your business, you can contact us directly at or on our contact us page