Who we are

StockLive is an online auction and/or livestreaming and data services platform designed to support the saleyard industry by increasing the number of buyers able to participate in any given auction, without the need to travel. The aim is to equip saleyard operators across the nation with cutting edge technology by providing online livestream and bidding services to complement current physical auctions, thereby providing greater market competition to the benefit of the whole livestock supply chain including producers.

We believe that all vendors should have the opportunity to access as many buyers as possible when selling their stock, and that all buyers should be able to view and purchase stock across the country without having to leave their office or car! With StockLive being available at a physical sale, it offers vendors a wider range of buyers and therefore a more competitive market. For the buyers who are looking to purchase stock, either for trade, feedlots or as restockers, StockLive allows you to be active in a wider range of markets on any one day without needing to travel. Our platform is installed and operated by the saleyard operator and there is no cost for buyers, whether they be direct buyers or agents, to view or bid in the auction. Our service is already in use with major Regional Livestock Exchanges (RLX) along with Scone, Gippsland and numerous special feature sales around the country.

StockLive is 100% owned by the Australian independent and privately owned AAM Investment Group, not a corporation. Our founders’ roots are firmly grounded in regional and rural Australia, and the Group operates a diverse range of agricultural enterprises across the supply chain; from our online auction platforms and saleyard operations stretching the length of eastern Australia, to our cattle operations at Legune Station in the Kimberley and mixed farming and livestock operation near Forbes in NSW, with the addition of cattle and sheep operations near Blackall in QLD to be added to our portfolio soon.

AAM’s focus and mandate is to proactively develop businesses, systems and investment in agriculture that underpin a strong livestock sector now and for the future. We are proud of the fact that 100% of the investments made by our business across a whole range of industries to date including beef, sheep, cropping, broiler chickens and timber milling, have been wholly supported by Australian investors.

Our Team

Libby Hufton


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Elite Livestock Auctions Founder

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Ali Colless

Commercial Sales Co-ordinator

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Caity Kelly

Seedstock Sales Co-ordinator

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